A new Surface Pro owner, listener e-,mail, news, and Windows Phone on Surface Geeks 18

Microsoft has sold at least one more Surface Pro, listen to find out to who.  We go over accessories for the Pro and RT as well.  Google serves up some more news this week with “Keep.”  We have a lot of news to go over with you again so sit back and enjoy!


Twitter: Darren Cohen, David McCabe

Darren’s site, darrencohen.me

Google taketh away (Reader), and Google giveth (Keep). Read more here.

Surface Exchange Policy

Surface Pro vs. RT

Logitcech Touchpads  When have you ever seen a Mac device cheaper than a Windows device?


How ironic…

Leads to this new site – http://surfaceproartist.com

Dang, Surface Pro Accessories, a spare power adapter is $79.99???

Businesses can now buy Surface in bulk

1.1 Million RT and 400k Surface Pros sold-Want to discuss quote

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-14/microsoft-s-surface-tablet-is-said-to-fall-short-of-predictions.html (Surface’s appeal has also been hampered by a lack of applications. Microsoft declined to say how many are available for Surface RT, though its apps marketplace has lacked some high-profile offerings, such as a Facebook Inc. (FB) app. Twitter Inc.’s app for Surface was released just this week. MetroStore Scanner, a website that does its own calculation of how many apps are in the Windows store, estimates there are more than 47,000 as of yesterday. There are more than 300,000 apps for iPad.)

Sim City servers may suck, but you can play on your Surface Pro!

Surface on sale in China

Some Cool Surface Tips for Show Notes

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