Surface Geeks

I was watching Joe Belfiore on June 18th, 2012 as he and Stephen Sinofsky were giving the world the first look at the Surface.  I immediately started registering domain names! I chose Surface Geeks and had to settle with the .net  TLD but several months later I was able to procure the .com domain.  Surface Geeks was born as a blog, forum, and podcast.

I  started publishing on the web with homeservershow.com in 2008.  That site started as a small podcast for Windows Home Server users and has exploded into a vibrant community of server builders and storage enthusiasts.  I tried the professional writing route on byte.com but some difficulties arose with staff there and I was not happy with some treatment of other writers so that ended my “getting paid” gig.  I followed Gina Smith to anewdomain.net and have cross posted some podcasts over there.  I wouldn’t mind trying another writing job even though I don’t feel I’m that good at it.

I have covered CES in Las Vegas for the last five years and have enjoyed that.  I think that sentiment gives it away that I’m not a true journalist as I enjoy covering that madhouse in January every year.  The last 3 years I have done a live video feed from the show floor back to my producer and co-host Jim Collison.  He then lines up guests and broadcasts the feed live on multiple sites.  Jim and I don’t do any follow up work.  It’s all streamed live and we go on with normal podcasts after returning home.

I was awarded MVP status from Microsoft in 2009 and have held that status ever since.  June 2013 I was transitioned from Windows Home Server MVP to the Windows Consumer Expert MVP.

Everything here will be primarily Microsoft based even though we will cover all aspects of technology.  I’m your typical gadget freak and technology lover so you’ll get a mix of everything from me.

Some of my favorite posts:

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