CES 2015

CES 2015 is around the corner. Well, it starts Sunday morning for me.  Keep on the look out for posts and tweets.  I won’t be as active as the major news outlets but I’ll have some stuff for you.

Join me on Sunday night 6PM Pacific.  That’s 9 for East Coasters and 8PM for Central dwellers.  I’ll be LIVE from CES Unveiled.  You can watch, chat, and direct me to find cool stuff.  That link to Unveiled is a list of all the vendors that will be present. Two years ago we saw a 4k TV for the first time, LIVE! It was a lot of fun.

The best way to stay involved with my CES antics is to follow me on Twitter. Don’t miss a tweet!  @mccabeio  I’ll try to send a post to all sites when I do anything live.  Watch the Blog and watch on Twitter.  Usually what happens is I get to Vegas and all my plans fly out the window because there is simply too much stuff to keep track of.  I would love to post it all but if I spend all my time behind the keyboard I’ll never see a thing!  I’ll try to get you cool stuff either way!
CES Sign


Monday night i’ll be at PepCom. Another big show full of vendors.
Tuesday at 10AM Pacific I’ll be opening the show at the Synology booth and hope to have something new to share with you!
Tuesday night from 6 to 10 I’ll be covering ShowStoppers for ANewDomain.net.  I’m not sure how they will use me but I’ll try to do something on Twitter or Live just for you guys.
Wednesday night i’ll be at a Western Digital party then moving over to an ADATA CyberPower party.
Thursday night is a first for me to cover “The Eggies” or the  NewEgg.com awards show.
All times in between I’ll be on the show floor and hunting down cool stuff.
See the full post over at mccabe.io.  I’ll also show you what is going in the backpack this year.  Much more than I planned on!

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