CES Wrapup, New Windows Gear, Ubi, and Amazon Echo

Wrapping up CES on this podcast. Don’t worry, I won’t dwell on CES for two months. Maybe a mention or two from here on out but onward to new things!  We have the Windows Consumer announcement next week and I failed to mention it in the show but stay tuned for more on that next week.  SP4 Rumors, size, etc.

Welcome back Darren and John! Check out their podcast, The Agnostic Tech Podcast.

I have an Ubi and we chat with her a little bit during the show.  Also, check out my coverage of CES on aNewDomain.net as well as the other great CES coverage there.

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Check out the Surface Geeks YouTube channel as well as Home Server Show YouTube channel for fun CES videos.  Check out the swag I brought back as well as the NFL Surface Pro 2 Charging Cart.

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Microsoft and Windows at CES

Toshiba Encore 2 Write

Dell XPS13

Premium Devices Launched at CES

Intel Compute Stick

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