Dell Venue 8 Pro and Surface 2 on Surface Geeks 44

John, Darren, and Dave are back and talking about the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Surface 2. One crazy show that jumps around like mad.  I think we discussed every single mobile product on the market.  Not as long as last week and a lot of fun!  See you in the forums.

Twitter: Darren CohenDavid McCabeJohn Wiskowski

Dell Venue 8 Pro Unboxing and Photo Gallery

Surface 2 – A Personal Experience Review

Giant Surface 2 lands in Trafalgar Square, The UK welcomes Surface 2 to the market, Microsoft News Centre UK, October 24, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Docking Station Arrives Early, Information Week, Michael Endler, October 27, 2013

Connect Surface to a wired network

You can connect Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to a wired network using the Surface Ethernet adapter.

Quick Look – Dr. Nick Patel On Using Surface Pro In The Hospital, Surface Blog, October 29, 2013

Quick look – What’s new in Touch Cover 2, Surface Blog, October 28, 2013

Microsoft disputes tests that suggest Windows 8.1 has a battery life problem, PCWorld, Mark Hachman, October 30, 2013

Microsoft provides fix for battery issues found by some Surface RT owners,

Microsoft partners with Corona Labs to attract more Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 apps, ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley, October 29, 2013

Qualcomm: We’re betting on Windows for third-place in mobile, ZDNet, Zack Whittaker, October 27, 2013

As Microsoft Looks On, Nokia Reports a Rise in Smartphone Sales, Bits Blog NYTimes, Mark Scott, October 29, 2013

Nokia Corporation Interim Report for Q3 2013 and January-September 2013, Nokia Corporation, October 29, 2013

Microsoft seeks EU approval for $7.5B Nokia takeover, ZDNet, Zack Whittaker, October 30, 2013

Still kicking: Nokia has yet another Lumia phone in the works, BGR, Zach Epstein on Oct 28, 2013

Two Microsoft Q1 FY2014 charts you’ll want to see, ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley, October 24, 2013

Microsoft’s Q1 shines; Enterprise rolls along; Windows 8.1 wait and see, Larry Dignan, October 24, 2013

Microsoft Names Exec to Top Skype Post, All Things D, Kara Swisher, October 29, 2013

Microsoft updates Windows Phone App Studio with Fast Resume, FlipView, NFC, native phone functions, and Ad SDK, The Next Web, Emil Protalinski, October 30, 2013

Nokia tweets teaser of Instagram for Windows Phone on a Lumia 1020, The Next Web, October 28, 2013

Windows Phone platform receives new support for IT and Viber app receives update, WinBeta, Alan Buckingham, October 29, 2013

Microsoft says its Remote Desktop app for Android, iOS, and OS X passed 1 million downloads in 12 days, The Next Web


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4 Responses

  1. adam says:

    i am looking at using audacity for voice over work for my librivox account. I found it easy to use the latitude 10 i bought for my son and it worked great. Since the processor is more powerful on this device, it would be a better experience and more portable.

    You should do one of the podcast from the venue 8 pro.

  2. acbowgus says:

    I was looking at this device and ordered one early but cancelled it until someone was able to give an objective review.

    I would be interested if you installed audacity and recorded your podcast from the device. This would show the portability of the device in situations where windows software that is not an app can be used without need of a large desktop environment.

    The other item is the stylus. This would be very useful for choosing items on the desktop and general navigation.

    I believe this form factor will show the benefits of windows for niche situations of entertainment and productivity. Try adding a standard usb microphone to an android tablet or an ipad without spending serious money.

  3. pirate78 says:

    After watching your podcast on YouTube and then coming to your website, I realize that you have not gotten to almost everything in your list to talk about. All of the links you guys have provided were interesting. Talk on things you actually provide on this site, more so Surface related. I love Macs and iPads and Android phones as much as the next guy, but I can get those podcasts elsewhere in abundance . I love watching your show. You guys are an amazing team of individuals. You are funny and informative, which is a rare combo. Your show furthers my productivity on Surface or Surface 2 now. I love my device and after reading John's review (John you write awesome reviews, by the way) of his experiences with it, I am almost convinced that you had gotten a bad unit. The device simply blows RT out of the water in every way. I love my original RT, but right now, it is on Ebay to make someone else as happy as it made me the day I got it.

    Thanks guys for great shows, keep it up.