Dell XPS 11 Review, LTE, and the 8 inch Windows Tablet on Surface Geeks 59

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2 Responses

  1. SurfaceGeek says:

    FYI – This podcast was encoded at 80kbps and I couldn’t get it under 50Mb. I either have to sacrifice audio quality or we have to keep Darren quiet so we can just have an hour long show. Tell me what you think in the comments and forums.

  2. tiwahu says:

    Good show.  There was also some entertaining love for Bing in there, too!
    For the newly converted, here’s a tip from: External

    Turn the image off and on

    • To see a gray background instead of the daily homepage image, use this link to External.
    • To see the daily homepage image instead of the gray background, use this link to External.



    When connected over remote desktop, it’s sometimes nice to not have the image render…especially when that image happens to be an animated loop.