Extra Storage for your Surface RT or Pro Tablet

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft Surface and the storage available on it(or the lack thereof).  I’m not going to get into that rather, I’m going to show you additional storage options for your Surface RT or Pro.


Let’s start off with figuring out how much space you have.

On the Start screen, swipe in from the right hand side.

Tap Settings, and Change PC Settings.

On the left side tap General and scroll the right side down until you find Available storage.

You may then tap to see how much space your apps are using.  If you feel you need additional space you can transfer the recovery partition to an external USB drive.  Richard Hay from WindowsObserver.com, has a great article on how to free up 3.5 Gb of space by transferring this partition to an external USB drive.  If you are in dire need of local space on your device you can perform these steps otherwise keep the recovery partition on the device and keep reading for some more storage options.


Physical Media

The Surface Pro and RT both allow you to add up to a 64Gb micro SD card. You can add a microSD, microSDHC, or a microSDXC card. The HC and XC designations are iterations of speed and storage improvements on the microSD card format.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 5.39.42 PM


Here is a 64Gb microSD card in the Surface RT.  This 64 Gig card can be had at Amazon.com for around $59.  I’ve seen it as low as $45 so it pays to shop around.

Both the Surface Pro and RT have a single USB port.  The USB port on the RT is on the right side of the device, the pro, on the left.  Most popular USB peripherals will work on RT and the sky is the limit with Pro.  You can easily attach thumb drives, backup drives, etc.  If you want to make it semi-permanent and not have it stick out several inches like most thumb drives you can consider some of the newer low profile USB thumb drives.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.52.16 PM  Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.57.52 PM


To the Cloud

The no brainer category is cloud storage.  In our always connected world cloud storage is more commonplace and Microsoft’s SkyDrive is the perfect companion to Surface RT and Pro.  Use your Microsoft ID to get a free 7Gb of storage on the service and download the app to almost every device imaginable.  On Surface Pro and RT, it’s easy.  Download SkyDrive from here and get started with your free storage.  Windows Phone users can even auto-upload camera shots to SkyDrive and share them out instantly.  iPhone user, yes, you too can access all your files with the SkyDrive app.  Don’t forget the app for the desktop too.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.07.48 PM

There is certainly no requirement to use this additional storage space but if you would like to take a few movies, photos, CD’s, etc with you, the microSD card route is the best in my mind.  I like having it with me on my Surface RT.  I’m a huge fan of SkyDrive and I still have plenty of space on my Surface RT.  In fact, I would still use it if I didn’t own the Surface.   It’s so easy to use and if you want to move beyond the 7Gb free plan it’s very affordable.


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2 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Does the 64G model with 64GB micro added have the same performance as the 128GB? #MSFT Store told me it did, but I am skeptical.

  2. bouledoux says:

    My question is: After adding the 64gb SDXC chip to my Pro 2 Surface, will my Surface overflow automatically to the chip, anything I store into the tablet ? or will I need to specifically address the chip as Drive D as it shows for anything I intend to put in it ? In other words does the chip automatically appear as a "bigger Drive C" to the tablet or will it be necessary to treat it similarly as one would a thumb drive ?