How To Adjust Screen Sleep Settings on the Microsoft Surface RT

By default the Microsoft Surface RT screen goes blank after one minute and the device goes to sleep after two minutes. These are great for extending battery life, but sometimes I want to refer to what’s on the screen without having it go away too quickly. For this I adjust the power plan.  You can also adjust the sleep settings on your surface with this quick guide.

Bring up the search charm by either swiping from the right bezel inwards or with the WIN+F key combination if you have the keyboard.
Type “power” in the search box. Tap “Setting” on the right to limit the results to just settings.
Tap “Edit power plan” from the search results.

You’ll switch over to desktop mode and the power settings will be displayed.

Click “Save Changes” when you’ve made your choices.

The screenshot above shows my current selections. I sacrifice battery life for a little ease of use.

by Ray Newbery aka OSQuest


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