How to Create a Group of Tiles on the Surface RT

If you are like me, I am coming from the iPad to Surface. On my iPad I have folders of apps that I categorize for better organization and a less cluttered screen. When I got my Surface, I was wondering if it had similar functionality. While you can’t create folders, you can though create groups of tiles/apps.

I have done this and have been using these groups. After doing so, I have come to admire how the Surface handles this and have grown fond of it. I actually like it better than having folders so to say.

So, here is a quick How To on creating groups on your Surface RT.

First, pinch inward to zoom the Start screen out. There you will see a bird’s eye view of the Start screen and the tiles you have on it.

Second, press and slide down the section that you want (at least one app has to be in the section to be able to select it) to create a group of. Once it is selected, you will get the action bar and it will prompt you to create a name for the group. Type in a name and click the name button.

Voila! You know have a grouping on your start screen. You can now add tiles to that grouping by moving them into that section/group.


You can also check out the how to video below.

by Kyle Reddoch aka @SurfaceNerd

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4 Responses

  1. Didn't know you can do that. I found your site listening to your podcast! Great Job BTW!

  2. SGAdmin says:

    I thought this one was a good tip as well. I remember doing the edits and publishing it. I was pinching and grouping like crazy! It's awesome to learn something new yet so simple. TY Kyle.
    Also, thanks for reading and listening Tishawn.

  3. Jan Ozo says:

    Just got a Surface for Xmas…arg…have to learn how to do stuff….My iphone was so much easier…but I am willing to learn the surface. Thanks for the clip on organizing a group. I downloaded a game…but it doesn't automatically go into the games folder…So I thought I would name it with a group for future game downloads…the pop up menu at the bottom does not allow me to Name it. Can I drag it into the Game folder on Start? or establish a Group and have all future games go under that group – and if I can….why doesn't the Name option come up on the bottom of the menu after I tag it? Thanks