How to Create a Group of Tiles on the Surface RT

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4 Responses

  1. Didn't know you can do that. I found your site listening to your podcast! Great Job BTW!

  2. SGAdmin says:

    I thought this one was a good tip as well. I remember doing the edits and publishing it. I was pinching and grouping like crazy! It's awesome to learn something new yet so simple. TY Kyle.
    Also, thanks for reading and listening Tishawn.

  3. Jan Ozo says:

    Just got a Surface for Xmas…arg…have to learn how to do stuff….My iphone was so much easier…but I am willing to learn the surface. Thanks for the clip on organizing a group. I downloaded a game…but it doesn't automatically go into the games folder…So I thought I would name it with a group for future game downloads…the pop up menu at the bottom does not allow me to Name it. Can I drag it into the Game folder on Start? or establish a Group and have all future games go under that group – and if I can….why doesn't the Name option come up on the bottom of the menu after I tag it? Thanks