How to Set a Picture Password on the Surface RT

As I use many devices from time to time, I take security a very high priority. I always set a password on those devices. After having many iPads, iPhones, Androids (tablets and phones), you get very familiar with the “standard” password options that you have. You know what I am talking about: the PIN codes, pattern codes, and the regular alpha-numeric password codes.

Microsoft has thrown something “new” into the mix with the Surface. It is called a “Picture Password”. Here you can pick a favorite picture of yours and with a combination of 3 gestures (either dots, circles, or lines) have a password to unlock your device.

I am using this kind of password as it adds to the uniqueness of my device.

If you are wanting to try this new password setup here is quick and easy how to.

Step 1: Open up the Charms Bar

Step 2: Choose Settings

Step 3: Choose Change PC Settings

Step 4: Go to Users

Step 5: Under Sign-in options, choose Create a picture password

Step 6: Put in your full password

Step 7: Choose a picture you want to use

Step 8: After choosing your picture, draw your gestures on the picture (make sure to take note of the order and direction of which you draw your gestures)

The wizard will have you put the picture password in twice to confirm.

After you’ve created your new picture password just make sure you remember the order and direction of which you put in your password. If you forget, no worries though, you can always choose “Switch to password” at the login and you will get the option to put in your full password.

by Kyle Reddoch aka SurfaceNerd

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2 Responses

  1. matt black says:

    I sign into my surface with my account and the option to choose a picture password is greyed out. How can I enable this?

  2. Very interesting breakdown, indeed. It’s nice to have such information available in one location and some ideas for new and different directions to take to help one stand out.