iMessage and switching from the iPhone 4s to the Nokia Lumia 928

I’m getting along just fine with my Nokia Lumia 928 but it didn’t start out as well as I wanted it to.  You might expect a complaint laden article bemoaning this and that about Windows Phone 8, it’s lack of an app, feature, or something like that.  Nope, this time the issue lies with Apple and iMessage.

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I sent a text with a photo to my wife about an hour after walking out of a Verizon store with the 928.  It was a photo of my hot dog lunch I was having at Fry’s Electronics for the store’s anniversary celebration.  She received the text and photo and subsequently returned a photo of what was no doubt an equally stunning lunch but I never received it.  I never knew she sent anything and just figured she was to busy to respond.


That evening she mentioned that she had sent me two texts and I confusingly told her I received none.  I grabbed her phone and sent a quick text to my number and from within a drawer I heard the iPhone txt received sound.  I quickly looked back at her phone and saw the text conversation was blue in color and not green.  To you non-iphone toting folks, the blue text bubble on the iPhone indicates your communicating with iMessage and not the carriers text plan.  iMessage is Apple’s text protocol that no doubt irks the carriers but so be it.


I’m figuring that I just need to reboot the phone or turn it off and everything will return to normal.  I turned it off. Nope, texts still are blue and were sent off to somewhere other than my phone.  I rebooted the wife’s iPhone. Nope, still blue.

Here is where it gets tricky. iMessage will work with a phone or an e-mail address so I made sure that she was texting my phone number. Nope, that did nothing.  I edited the contact in the phone.  Nope.  I went back to my old iPhone and turned off SMS and iMessage in Settings. Nope!

Fine.  This is the point where you let the internet take over and just search for the issue.  Sure enough, there are dozens of threads out there with even more conversations about the issue.  Most conversations lead back to the following set of instructions which leads you to a management site that I’ve never seen before.  Lovely.

1. Go to:
2. Log in if not already logged in.
3. Click on “edit products”
4. Click on the “x” to the right of the product.
5. Click “unregister”


This didn’t work but it did turn some lights on for me.  Apple people have to manage your devices.  iTunes allows you to use 10 devices with one apple ID but you have to authorize and reauthorize when you get new apple gear or get rid of it.  I went through everything I could think of; Devices, iTunes, deleted contacts, added contacts, and put my hands on every device and several reboots of all.  I turned off messaging on the kid’s iPads and had to un-check my phone number on the MacBook Air iMessage app.

I thought that would do it but my wife’s iPhone still sent text with a blue bubble to iMessage never land.  Messages would send but would never land anywhere.  The final light went on in my brain.

iPad mini!

I keep an iPad mini by my bedside to read with.  I dug it out and discovered that I had never turned iMessage on.  I signed in to iMessage on the mini and then promptly turned it off. Looked at her phone and tried another text.

It finally stayed green! iMessage gone!

If you find yourself in this situation.  Try everything.  Check everything. The 5 steps listed above worked for a lot of people.  If your selling an iDevice you will want to go through all of this before you sell! Otherwise, people are reporting that iMessages are going to their old phone that is long out of their control.  Lastly, I know!  I have too many iDevices laying round. Come on 8″ Windows 8 tablets!

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3 Responses

  1. RWalrond says:

    Help me to understand this madness.

    So you're saying you can't switch between messaging protocols when you're trying to communicate with someone? Once you have another iDevice with iMessage turned on, you can no longer SMS that person from another iDevice?

    I suppose Apple wants to make it as difficult as possible for you to get out of their cult.

  2. Thomas says:

    My wife has a 4S and I have a Lumia 928. We came up with an elegant solution: When her contract expires in July she's switching to a Lumia.

  3. Annabelle says:

    I have a lumia 520, good phone but not many games….