iOS 7 fails without new supporting hardware

Apple will get it’s numbers from iPhone 4, 4s, and the iPhone 5 install base. That’s where
this opinion will get the claim chowder label. I’m telling you that iOS 7 is a failure unless Apple puts out a larger handset to support it.  Android sales are the first piece of the puzzle. Samsung’s numbers cannot be discounted and Apple’s jump to provide more granular control in iOS7 is proof of that.  The iPhone owners asked for it, begged for it, demanded it practically and they will get a first step towards more control of their handset but it will not go much farther than that as Tim Cook has eluded to the fact that their users don’t want all those options.  I agree with some of that statement but there is a large segment of the population that does want more control of their handset. Those numbers matter.
The nod to Windows Phone with iOS 7’s new look will no doubt make iPhone owners to take notice of the growing handset and larger screen sizes.

I’m not saying Apple iPhone numbers crater overnight.  We all know that won’t happen. I’m just saying if Apple iterates the iPhone 5 platform it stands to lose to both Samsung and Windows Phone.


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