How To: Use LastPass with Surface RT Internet Explorer

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3 Responses

  1. StanO says:

    Works a treat. Thanks. Hadn't thought about it ahead of time, but since Lastpass views this access as through a mobile device it doesn't ask for my second factor authentication (Yubikey) when allowing me to log in (at least through the browser-app. Of course you do have to enable the mobile access on the 2nd factor settings tab for Lastpass.

  2. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    Thanks…. been looking for a good way to use lastpass on my surface. Is is even going to be possible to use this with 2 factor authentication? That is the primary way I secure my lastpass is have it use google 2 factor authentication.

    Just curious any reason not to use the login one over just the Fill one? Tried both and the login one works more seamlessly where you don't have to actually press the login button? Does it not work on some sites or something?

  3. Svein Ingebrigtsen says:

    Thanks for your tip – Works perfectly.
    But, you can also use the same trick on your Windows Phone.
    Just login ind to and follow the instructions, but here you ar not able to add the Bookmarklet link to your favorits, here you have to first copy the link for Bookmarklet. In Favorites on your Windows Phone add the Lastpass site (mine was added as Lastpass login site). Then edit you Lastpass favorite and past the Bookmarklet link.
    Wupti – you are able to use the Bookmarklet function also on your Windows Phone.