How To: Use LastPass with Surface RT Internet Explorer

LastPass Mobile Integration

I’m a big fan and longtime user of LastPass and use it for all my passwords and important (secure) notes. While the Windows RT LastPass app is usable, all that flipping and swiping around was driving me nuts. I was avoiding sites to avoid the hassle. So I decided to try the bookmarklet integration that works on my iDevices and found that it works on Windows RT. Here’s how to set it up.

First off, this uses the mobile version of LastPass so you’ll need the $12/year premium subscription. There’s a two week free trial if you want to test it out first.

Second, if you’re like me and on a locked down mobile device access you’ll need to unlock it since this process will make the Surface RT appear as a mobile device. If you don’t know what I’m saying then don’t worry, there’s no lock down by default and you would have had to enable it. You can lock it down again once you approve the Surface RT as an allowed mobile device and things will still work.

With that out of the way we can setup the bookmarklet.

Open the desktop version of IE and logon to the website with your account.

Open the dropdown in the top right and click “Bookmarklets”

The bookmarklets will be displayed.

Now click the “View Favorites” star in IE and pin the favorites view to the browser.

This is the tough part. I found it easier to connect an external mouse than to do this using the track pad on the touch keyboard.. Drag the bookmarklet that you want from the LastPass web page to the Favorites viewer. I use the “LastPass Fill!” bookmarklet. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to add the bookmarklet.

To use the bookmarklet on the desktop version of IE simply navigate to the logon page of the site and click the bookmarklet.

The favorite is also added on the Metro version of IE but it’s more cumbersome to find and use.

Navigate to the logon screen for the website

Swipe up from the bottom to display the address bar

Tap inside the address bar to display the tiles

Swipe all the way to the right to display favorites

Tap “LastPass Fill” in the favorites (or whatever you called the shortcut)

It will auto fill and you can move on.


Similar to other mobile devices, you may be prompted to pick the ID from a list if there’s more than one to choose from. This works fine on Microsoft Surface RT.

I find this works similar to the way it does on my iDevices. There are a few sites that this bookmarklet can’t handle. In my case there were problems on both Surface and my iPad.

Metro IE and Desktop IE are different browsers. Each will present you with a LastPass logon the first time you use the bookmarklet in the browser session.

I know the term “Metro” isn’t supposed to be used. So substitute Modern UI, Metro-Style, Start Screen or Windows Store App as you’d prefer.

by Ray Newbery aka @osquest

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3 Responses

  1. StanO says:

    Works a treat. Thanks. Hadn't thought about it ahead of time, but since Lastpass views this access as through a mobile device it doesn't ask for my second factor authentication (Yubikey) when allowing me to log in (at least through the browser-app. Of course you do have to enable the mobile access on the 2nd factor settings tab for Lastpass.

  2. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    Thanks…. been looking for a good way to use lastpass on my surface. Is is even going to be possible to use this with 2 factor authentication? That is the primary way I secure my lastpass is have it use google 2 factor authentication.

    Just curious any reason not to use the login one over just the Fill one? Tried both and the login one works more seamlessly where you don't have to actually press the login button? Does it not work on some sites or something?

  3. Svein Ingebrigtsen says:

    Thanks for your tip – Works perfectly.
    But, you can also use the same trick on your Windows Phone.
    Just login ind to and follow the instructions, but here you ar not able to add the Bookmarklet link to your favorits, here you have to first copy the link for Bookmarklet. In Favorites on your Windows Phone add the Lastpass site (mine was added as Lastpass login site). Then edit you Lastpass favorite and past the Bookmarklet link.
    Wupti – you are able to use the Bookmarklet function also on your Windows Phone.