Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews, News, and Trade Ins

Welcome back to another episode of Surface Geeks.  I’m joined this week by Shmuelie and Richard Hay and we are talking about Surface Pro.  It’s all Pro since the release date is just a few days away.  We talk a little bit of news and the debacle that I started when I first laid eyes on the Surface Pro.  Enjoy and see you in the forums!

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Can you trade in RT for Pro? Ummmm, no. Listen to the show for all the details that prompted this story.

Photos in my Skydrive, link is on live page.

Touchdown mail app

New Surface Pro Commercial

The Surface Pro Reviews

From the Reddit:

Microsoft hints at future battery add-on for Surface Pro

Also another confirmation of no trade in program

Andy Ihnatko Surface Pro review

Engadget Review

Verge Review

Walt Mossberg iPad Comparison

BGR Review

Tech Crunch

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