Microsoft Surface Release Day Coverage

October 26, 2012  It’s almost here.  Have you pre-ordered or are you headed out to a Microsoft store or pop up to get your Surface?

I’m headed to the Oakbrook Illinois store and hope to bring you Google + coverage from the store.  I’ll be there to pick up a Surface RT but also to do some reporting and talk to people.  Add to your Google Plus with this link.

I’ll be handing these out so look for me!  Speaking of, if you will be at the Oakbrook Microsoft store please get in touch with me as I’d like to meet up with you.  Lastly, if you would like to help cover release day let me know.  There is a contact form above and I could use a hand with blog posts and in the forums.


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2 Responses

  1. Kyle Reddoch says:

    I have pre-ordered mine! Due in this Friday. Can't wait any longer.

  2. awraynor says:

    Seeing the Surface and Xbox Smart Glass, very cool.