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Written by on November 5, 2012 in How To, Surface, Windows 8 RT

While Microsoft does sell video adapters adapter for the Surface RT they may not be necessary. I’m using a $6 cable to mirror the screen to my TV. I could have gone with a $3 cable if I wanted a shorter one.

The Surface has a standard micro-HDMI port for video out so any micro-HDMI to standard HDMI cable should work. I’m using this one when I need to reach from my couch to my TV and this shorter one for my PC monitor. Their combined price is ¼ that of the adapter.

By default the display will be mirrored but you can go into display settings and make the usual windows display setting choices – use one or the other monitor or extend the desktop. I was not able to get the Start screen or Metro apps to display only on the second screen when extending the desktop. I had no problem running desktop apps on my TV while Metro apps ran on my Surface RT.

In addition, sound was not transferred to the TV. If all you need is basic video then a $3 cable should cover it.

Press WINKEY + P to select the second screen configuration.

by Ray Newbery aka @osquest

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  1. Schoondog says:

    I have the Microsoft adapter, bought it before I realized it was a standard micro HDMI. It is nice that the plug is angled to match the bezel angle. I also have a Radio Shack 2780044 adapter, it works fine and audio works. Have you tested the HDMI port on the TV to be sure it supports audio? Maybe with a DVD player? Some of the cheap/old cables did not support audio.

    • Elieko says:

      Great to know that the sound works! Can someone tell us if the sound works with a non MS cable?

      • gio says:

        Yes. I bought a micro hdmi to hdmi cable from ebay and it works without additional adaptor. Just make sure your tv is capable of displaying 1080 or videos will no play.

  2. ray says:

    Hi Schoondog. Thanks for the info on audio cables that work. It's probably the cables I used. Thinking back I never used them for anything that I cared about sound so wouldn't have noticed. It's not the TV port as I've use that for many other devices and all did sound fine.

  3. Jan089 says:

    I bought a Micro HDMI Adapter for 5 Euros and video and audio are working fine. I a disception on a MS site it said to use a Micro Typ D standard 1.4. And thats what I got.
    I use this with a Logitech BT keyboard trackpad combination and dont need to get up anymore to watch a movie.

    • Jan089 says:

      But be carefull, I tried it with a Y Adapter/splitter for HDMI and with this th surface did not recognise the TV. After unplugging the splitter everything worked fine again.