Nokia Lumia 928 vs. iPhone 4S Camera

This is a quick post to show you some camera testing I’ve been doing.  This is the iPhone 4S and the Nokia Lumia 928 in various conditions. There was not a lot of setup to this test.  There were  no roller derby girls either.  Just two cameras and uploaded to SkyDrive.  Let’s just do this side by side.  Click each one to get the high resolution shot.  If you get lost in the lightbox popup I’ll always run the iPhone 4S photo first, Nokia Lumia 928 second. (the thumbnails are right side up but the lightbox is flipping the ios version still. Will fix)

ios1 928.1

This is a low light show outside.  It’s around 8:15Eastern time with the house blocking the setting sun. You wouldn’t be doing portrait photography in this light.

ios2 928.2

Same situation. Notice anything else about the width of the shots? You will see the noise in the first shot if you click on it for the normal version.


Daytime shot of these plants.  I’ll let you decide. Both look good to me.

ios6 928.6

This is an indoors shot with the shades closed so there is not a lot of light. See the little leather book leaning on the red ones on the right photo?

ios8 928.8

Monsters and dragons indoors.  I like the warmer tone of the iPhone shot on the left but it needs to be just a tad lighter.

That’s it. Nothing scientific about it.  I think the 928 takes great photos and of course it excels in the low light.  The 4S still takes great shots and it’s nice to see the 928 surpassing it in many situations.


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