Office on the iPad, Surface 2 LTE, and removing the recovery partition on Windows 8.1 on SurfaceGeeks 60

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  1. kylejwx says:

    It is good to finally see a LTE version of the Surface.  Pricing and availability of all types of LTE enabled tablets and laptops can still be frustrating, and I wish that the cell phone companies would work together to reduce the complexity.  Just considering the iPad Air as an example, if one LTE radio would work for all carriers it would reduce the number if iPad Air variants (considering size, color, and carrier combinations) from 40 to 16.  In the meantime maybe John will start producing LTE power covers. :)
    Price wise on the LTE Surface, for a limited time you can double dip on AT&T’s $100 promotion. If you are signing a contract for the Surface 2 at Best Buy, you get $100 off the in-store purchase price, which brings it down from $679 to $579.  And if you sign up before March 31, you will get a $100 bill credit from AT&T within 45 days of activation.   Not that this solves all the pricing issues, but I think it helps.
    If you buy an AT&T smartphone on contract at the same time, you get another $100 off in store as well.
    *$100 off in-store price applies to all Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T LTE tablets and $100 bill credit applies to all new tablets on Verizon and AT&T.

  2. kylejwx says:

    Also interesting will be Office on iPad.  I really think this will be a big deal.  I hope that they keep the licensing the same and that it requires an Office 365 subscription, but iPad just counts as one of your 5 computers or one of your 5 mobile devices.  A slightly cheaper, one user option would be good as well.  I think that Office sales will get a huge jump. I can tell people right now to get a Surface if they want office with a tablet experience, but the problem is that it isn’t the “tablet experience” that they are looking for.  Of course apps are an issue, but that’s just the start.  Windows is still way more complicated (mostly regarding the sheer number of options and settings) than a touch-centric iOS or Android tablet.  In addition, the sheer volume of windows updates are overwhelming compared to the updates on an ARM based mobile OS.

  3. I just hope Office for IOS is severely neutered. I don’t want people to expect my IT team to start supporting that crap.

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  4. FinsUpDNC says:

    The new personal office sub for 7 bucks a month…..maybe tied to this? One desktop, one mobile or something? I am sure it will be close to the office online version of Office and not the desktop version. 

  5. callihan44 says:

    if this would have been available months ago I probably would have kept my ipad, but now after having the sp2 and getting used to win 8  Im not sure I can go back to a limited usability tablet

  6. JWA0507 says:

    It will probably be tied to an office 365 subscription, it has basic functionality when free but opens up more features with a monthly subscription.