Setting up a VPN Connection with Surface RT

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9 Responses

  1. mauro says:

    is this the same VPN connection that you can use on the ipad for example, like VPN on click?

  2. Darell says:

    Great tip, doesn't work with Hulu plus connections though, its thinking im not connected. Works great otherwise.

    • Peter says:

      That's a problem with your connection, then, not HuluPlus — It works great for me from Tokyo, but I had to change the server I was using through StrongVPN.

  3. nima says:

    When i conect to the vpn in surface tablet ,my network conection be limited…
    why…!? help me…

  4. vserv244 says:

    Your connection can be limited when using VPN, it just all depends on which service you're using as a VPN, I use a server in the USA and im able to get through to sites like Hulu.

  5. visit says:

    The article about setting up a Virtual Private Network with Surface RT was very informative and helpful to me. I am so happy that I found this web site. This site is very helpful to techies. Keep up the good work.

  6. IamtheWB says:

    Be adviced that pptp vpn based on ms-chap is no longer consider secure.

    Because your VPN password can be exposed use a different password for this!

  7. Truth says:

    Ok I just got a surface RT and I have to be honest, it sucks. No VPN in the store? How can they claim to be an ipad substitute? If I buy an ipad guess what? Lots of VPN apps. Not ONE for windows??? This tablet is a joke, I am selling it on ebay for sure. You can't surf wifi securely without it!

  1. July 2, 2014

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    Setting up a VPN Connection with Surface RT – Surface Geeks : Surface Geeks