Surface 3 Excitement

I just finished with Dave and Jim on the Surface Geeks Podcast (Episode 89) and am so excited for Surface 3! I have had my Surface Pro 3 for a few months and thoroughly enjoy using it everyday. If you listen regularly, you’ll know I use it more as a tablet than as a laptop/desktop device. I love Windows 8.1 and touch enabled apps. Surface 3 is the perfect devices for me and will likely replace the Surface Pro 3 as my daily mobile machine.

Here’s why:

  • The Surface 3 is the lightest Surface ever, and one of the lightest x86 Windows PCs ever. The two handled feel is top notch, and it is even more usable in portrait mode, thanks to the 3:2 screen ratio.
  • The Surface Pen makes more sense at this size. One “writes” on documents closer to 10.8″ than 12″.
  • The Type Cover is better. Yup, even my least favorite feature of the Surface Pro 3 is a reason to love the Surface 3. There is sturdy and pleasant feel to the new, smaller keyboard. And the trackpad is smoother than ever.
  • The “speeds and feeds” are spot on. I’ll never worry about not having enough RAM or SSD with the 4GB/128GB model that is only $100 more than the base model. I love having a MicroSD card slot for extra media storage. The Mini DisplayPort is perfect for watching movies when I travel or hooking up to a projector at work. Wireless 802.11AC is a great standard that my home router supports, my Lumia 930 supports and many more devices will in the future.
  • LTE… I can finally have a Windows 8.1 device that I can use anywhere and will want to use anywhere thanks to its size and weight.

My plan is to keep visiting the Microsoft Store whenever I have a chance to play with the Surface 3 as we get closer to launch. 05.05.2015 can’t come soon enough. (Sadly, late June for the LTE models.) I can’t wait to have a thinner, lighter and more fun to use Surface in my life. Now, which color Surface Type Cover and Surface Pen do I want?

Find out more about the Surface 3 and the new accessories here.

34 days and counting!

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