Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Band 2 and more on SG 96

We are breaking down the big #Windows10Devices event held on October 6th in NYC. Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Band 2, and more new gear from Microsoft.  I’m chatting with Brian Friedlander and Richard Hay both of whom were in NYC for the festivities.  We dive into the specs, design, engineering, and wow factor of all the Surface Devices and Band 2. Very minimal chat on all the other gear that we can save for the next podcast.  Tonight was all about Surface.

This is a long one but I had tons of fun on it. Probably one of my favorites in 2015. (Fanboy Alert: I was a little giddy about all the new gear.)

You have to wait until the end to figure out what exactly I purchased.  It’s pretty easy to figure out during the podcast though.  Brian and Rich nailed it easy.  Im predictable I suppose!

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Special thank you to my guests. Richard Hay and Brian Friedlander.  Follow these guys.

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