Surface Geeks 10

The Surface Geeks Podcast is back after Christmas and I’ve got a combo show for you this time.  I’ve teamed up with Shmuelie and Jim Collison to do a combo show with Home Server Show and Surface Geeks.  I think you will like it all actually.  We’ve got Windows 8, Lumia 920’s, and Surface Pro talk as well as a monster of a server from Lenovo.  A little bit about CES but we quickly get to the good stuff!  Enjoy.

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Lenovo TD330 Server

Just a reminder on these free add-ins for 2012E users.

Mark Cuban iPhone 5 vs. Lumia 920 & Windows Phone

Windows 8 File History and Recovering Deleted Files

Is The Surface Pro Fine For Photo Editing?

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2 Responses

  1. mon40 says:

    BTW guys I was listening to the Podcast…(very good) I just wanted to mention you know you can do more than Locate your phone you can make it ring even when its on silent.

  2. mon40 says:

    Also I liked the dialogue on the problem with folders and rules. Smoolie(sp?) was talking about having to look in multiple folders for new mail.

    The problem is really there needs to be a better unread mail folder one that works like Outlooks search folder.