Surface Geeks 12 with Rob Greenlee

This is a marathon of a podcast but it’s all worth it.  The first half Dave and @jcollison are talking with Rob Greenlee.  Rob is the curator of podcasts for Microsoft and we get some insight into what it was like to do that job for the last several years.  Rob sticks around and we dive into the news including the upcoming release of the Surface Pro.

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Rob Greenlee, MS Content Manager, Podcasts (works in the Xbox Content Programming Org) Interview

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@SG12 Surface Windows 8 Pro Overview – YouTube

Windows 8 Upgrade Price Increases February 1st

Better thinking about Surface sales | Hal’s (Im)Perfect Vision

En Vogue Photo with Surface

Here Comes the Microsoft Surface Pro and a Few Other Bits | WindowsObserver

Why I’m not trading my Surface RT for a Surface Pro | ZDNet

Microsoft confirms the Windows RT update bug, promises a fix in the first week of February – The Next Web

Microsoft’s Surface with Windows 8 Pro to go on sale February 9 | ZDNet’s Ed Bott

Taimur Asad (@TaimurAsad)1/23/13, 8:15 AM

Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Called ‘Xbox’ Only, To Be Accompanied By 7-inch ‘X-Surface’ Tablet [Report]… via @RedmondPie [jim…maybe just the new xbox?]

Nokia to reveal new Windows Phone with more advanced PureView tech #WindowsPhone

Make Flash Websites Work on Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

Nokia to pack 41-mp camera into Windows Phone, report says | Mobile

At $1,018*, The Surface Pro Is Priced Just Right | TechCrunch


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2 Responses

  1. mon40 says:

    Wow that was great show Rob took care of me within an hour.

  2. Rod says:

    I'm in the process of listening to this episode on my ride home from work, over the next couple of days. It is great to hear Rob Greenlee! I have owned a Zune for many years, starting with the 2nd gen. Zune. My next Zune was the Zune HD, which I still use and totally love. In fact, that's how I listen to Surface Geeks Podcast, and Windows Home Server Show. I learned of the Zune Insider podcast almost too late, and only caught it the last 18 months or so that it was on. I certainly hope that Microsoft will do something to stay involved with podcasting, because many people, like myself, have long commutes, and so listening to audio podcasts are great. We just can't watch something, if you're driving!!!