Surface Geeks 73 – Surface Pro 3 Core i3 Edition

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6 Responses

  1. SurfaceGeek says:

    A little follow up to this podcast.  
    My SP3 Dock just shipped. My Core i3 just got delayed 1 day. Looks to be next week now.

  2. pSTANchio says:

    I believe the difference between the Arc mice (Surface edition vs. non-Surface) are:
    – Surface Edition = bluetooth
    – Non-Surface edition = dongle
    Could be a game changer for the mobile warriors who may or may not need that USB port.

  3. pfinter says:

    I got the surface edition arc mouse because it was Bluetooth. It cost more but, I didn’t want to have a dongle plugged into my Nokia 2520 or surface RT when using office.

  4. WolfJT says:

    Does the ARC mouse cramp your hands after some time of use? I am really considering getting one for my Pro 3

  5. pfinter says:

    External at all. I love the arc mouse! And it packs really nice into the pocket of my incipio case.