Surface Geeks 79 – All about that Band, SP3, Windows 10, and more!

It’s not all about the “Band” but I do have some news to share on my personal use of Microsoft Band. Jim Collison joins once again to talk Surface Pro 3, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Calorie Counting, Black Friday, and more.  Tons of stuff in this episode and hang around to the end for a tip about your tips! SP3 Pen that is.

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NFL and SP2

Time Calls SP3 Best in 2014 “the tablet that replaces laptops”

Microsoft Restore Image available from MS for SP3

Xbox Music

New App – Music Deals – App link

Saw this video for the first time at MVP Summit. It’s pretty cool

Mary Jo Foley on Win10

Windows Phone

Razer launches Windows Phone apps for Nabu smartband and the band itself. Does anyone have one?

Please let me know on 

Camdrop for Windows and Windows Phone

FitBit for WP and Cortana

More WP in New York. Alot more.

And for my favorite new on WP

Another WP app, smartthings?  Did i talk about this already?

SmartThings launches Windows Phone 8.1

Amazon, please, we need cloud player for Windows Phone!

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