Surface Geeks 9

We are Surface Geeks but as I’ve stated before the word “Surface” means many things to us.  Specifically a few Pro tablets that we will be talking about in episode 9.  Richard Hay from is here to discuss this and the emergence of Surface RT into the retail channel.  Specifically into Best Buy and Staples.  There is also a ton of news to go over and we only made through about half of it.  This was a fun episode with a great guest so I hope you enjoy.

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HP Elitepad  

HP Envy X2
Surface Accessory Kit

Surface into retail markets – announcement

Best Buy at it’s worst

Surface Geeks Google Community – Good discussion on the Best Buy presentation of Surface RT, Join the community!

Richard’s Observed Tech Podcast Episode 72, Lots of Surface!

Don’t forget the video!

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