Surface Geeks Live Podcast tonight!

The Surface Geeks Podcast is live tonight at 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central.  Tonight’s guest will be Richard Hay, the owner and editor of  This is a live video event and you are invited to watch, comment, ask questions, and have some fun while we record the podcast.  It’s always a great time with the chatroom.  You don’t need a login or a password to chat, just jump in and talk to us.

When: Wednesday, December 19th, 9:30E


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4 Responses

  1. ChadK says:

    How did you get WMC on your Surface RT as shown in the picture for this post? Or is that not a Surface?

  2. JackR345 says:

    I am a fan of your page and I had this show on my ‘to watch list’, but missed it though. Can you help me by posting a link to this video? Thank you in advance! I will post more after searching for this video. I want to watch it that badly! weedphotos