Surface Pro 3 and the team that built it

I really didn’t know what to title this. Remember that article from Penny Arcade where Microsoft reached out to the artist and brought him to the campus to watch him draw?  This situation is not quite that elaborate but Microsoft did reach out to me in order to get more details about my “desktop replacement” issues. Perhaps you should read my article on  returning the Surface Pro 3 first.

Last week i was a part of a conference call with a room full of Surface team members and engineers that quizzed me on my Surface Pro 3 usage as well as how I used the Pro 2. They drew diagrams while I explained my gear. I quickly realized I was an edge case but this team was relentless in their questioning. They were generally interested in my case and want me to have a good experience with the Pro 3.
I don’t know why this surprised me but it did. They care about the product and its users.  I don’t know if I helped any but I volunteered more time and effort if they want.

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1 Response

  1. SikSlayer says:

    Always figured yours was an edge case, and I forget if you out and out said so (probably did), but you at very least implied so. Nevertheless, its great to see Microsoft paying attention and doing something about it.