Surface Pro and RT together, Blue, and Updates on Surface Geeks 19

Darren Cohen, @finsupdnc, and Richard Hay, @winobs, join the podcast this week and we are talking about the Blue leaks and Windows 8 app updates.  I also bring up a sticky situation that I’m in concerning both the Surface Pro and RT that I own.

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Twitter: Darren Cohen, David McCabe, Richard Hay

Darren’s site,

Richards Windows Observer site,

Windows Blue Public Preview will be released at Build in June

    -Customizable Tiles (like Phone)

    -New Snap lets you split screen (up to three side by side and across multiple monitors)

    -More Control Panel Items going Metro

    -Internet Explorer 11

Within Windows – Blues Clues

Seven Snaps on Blue

Groovy Post How to add Pop3 email to Windows 8

Pure Info Tech – Blue Overview

The 18 month old version of Temple Run Comes to Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update rolling out mostly performance improvements (but a nice Storage Check Utility also part of it)

App Picks

Elements Weather Forecast


Package Tracker

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Rafael Rivera, Intro Music is Surface Groove Ad via Microsoft Soundcloud

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