Surface and Windows Phone Updates on Surface Geeks 71

The Surface Geeks are back after a long break. We analyze some Surface Pro 3 issues, talk about the Mini rumors, and go over some Windows Phone Options. Ok, maybe we talk a lot about Windows Phone.  A lot!   There was a lot of discussion about Windows Phone this week and we will break it down.

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Threshold and the Start Button

Surface Updates

Surface Mini is Coming!

Surface Pro 3 Wireless Issues

Windows 8 Auto Update

Surface branding and Lumia

Remote App for RT

Windows Phone Market Share 

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    There is a bubble around iOS.. Just look at Apptopia…
    Until that bubble bursts, don’t expect Windows 8 apps, development, etc to get any kind of investment or attention from angel investors. 
    Unless Microsoft starts investing in app development studios, starts paying to get/keep exclusives.. We are all just waiting for that bubble to go pop, which could take years???
    Apps on Apple with a track record of generating zero revenue are selling for thousands of dollars on Apptopia – that is just crazy to me lol. 
    Just look at Yo! – eight hours of code and he gets a million dollars investment.
    Everything screams bubble – but until the people inside it start taking notice and bailing out… That money that is getting pumped into these Apple app dev studios, to these developers, it is going to get spent, apps are going to get built and Windows is going to be ignored.
    I cannot hate on Microsoft for this though. From a developer point of view, Microsoft have by far the best platform. But people go to where the money is, and the money is coming from the investors, not from in-app purchases or ad revenue – those figures are tiny compared to what these investors are throwing around.

  2. RMansfield says:

    I listened to this on my drive home last night. I could not hear Dave throughout most of the recording. Just letting you know so that can be fixed before the next podcast.