Switching from the iPhone (4s iOS) to Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 928)

The iPhone is out and Windows Phone 8 is in.  This is the story of my transition from the iPhone 4s to Windows Phone 8 and the Nokia Lumia 928.  I’m going to share what I learn on this transition here on the blog and on the Surface Geeks Podcast.  There will be obstacles, questions, high times and some bumps and bruises.  I’ll share what apps I find to replace my iOS apps as well as track costs of the migration.  I’ll keep you informed as much as I can as I already have an outline that includes about 5 or 6 articles.  This first post is mostly a history of my smart phone usage over the years.



My first smartphone was an HTC Windows device. Stylus, keyboard, resistive touch screen, the whole nine yards. Funny thing is that I felt the iPhone was not ready and by the time 3G and 3Gs were out I was in a spot that had horrible AT&T coverage. I dumped the HTC Brick and went to Verizon and the Droid Incredible. I finally jumped to AT&T and the iPhone 4 when it came out. but returned it due to coverage issues, again.  I covered CES with the Incredible and returned home from Vegas while Verizon was announcing the iPhone on their network. I picked up the 4 and then the 4s.

I did all of this while maintaining my unlimited data plan. My next phone if subsidized will push me to capped data*. I was planning on purchasing my hardware but inevitably it will be a LTE phone and I would be forced to bend to the carrier’s capped plan in order to move to 4G data. This is not a horrible issue except for January when I cover CES and move 4 to 6 gigabytes of traffic around. That’s the only time I would push my data limit. I will also need to stay with Verizon due to having several other phones on the plan.  I’m happy with the service for the most part. The 3G in my area is horrible but I hope moving to an LTE phone will help in that regard. They also have great Las Vegas coverage!

I’ve had a Nokia Lumia 900 that I used as a wifi phone and I had the pleasure of using the Nokia Lumia 920 during CES 2013. I had a sim card during that time and really enjoyed that phone but it was always a 2nd phone and not my daily driver.  I like the Nokia phones but I’m a little concerned that I haven’t used another brand for any length of time. I would really like to carry the HTC 8X and I’ve pursued a few used ones but at that time they were in demand and the price was just too steep. Especially for a color other than black.

I originally chose the Nokia Lumia 822.  Other than the 8X it was my only choice on Verizon.  I purchased a black 822 from eBay that was described as new and unused however, it was anything but.  The phone and accessories looked good but it had a 4G sim and was locked to an account on Verizon and could not be activated.  I pursued a refund by asking nicely and ended up having to appeal the purchase to PayPal in order to get a refund.  I got everything back except the shipping costs back to the seller.  The research, purchase, shipping, and PayPal issues took roughly 4 weeks and by the time it was over the rumors of the new Nokia Lumia 928 were growing louder and louder.

I wrote a lot of this first article when I had the 822 in hand and I want to share a little bit of what I wrote before I knew anything about the 928. There were rumors of the device but no real specifics.

I’ve chosen the Nokia Lumia 822 as my Windows Phone for a few reasons that you probably are aware of. Other than the 8X that’s my only choice!  It’s my hope that Verizon gets a phone comparable to the 920 but I also hope to see additional brands come forward with flagship design.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is not enough great hardware for Windows Phone 8. Perhaps the slow selling of Windows Phone 7 caused this. The 920 seems to be the flagship device but the 8X is right there with it in my mind. It seems to come in second to the 920 only because of Nokia’s huge embrace of Windows Phone with the extra apps it offers its owners. I say all of this having chosen the 822. It seems to be a good mix of both albeit with a few shortcomings in the spec department. It seems to me that Microsoft has a bit of momentum and could stand to define exactly what a flagship device should be. Maybe they have with the 920 and soon to be 928 but I would love to see what The mother ship could come up with.

I may briefly mention the 822 in future articles because I did spend a little time with it as a wifi device but I’ll mostly be talking about the new Nokia Lumia 928.  Again, this is my migration from iOS to Windows Phone 8 and the 928.  I have  several more articles planned about the migration and the improvements and issues I encounter.

This is not a 30 day phone swap article where I know I can jump back to my iPhone at the end.  This is about my journey and findings.  Should be fun.

Stay tuned to Surface Geeks podcast for weekly updates about my 928 and these articles.


*So I thought. I paid full retail on the 928 thinking I might get a second phone to carry in the future.  If not a second perhaps the latest and greatest WP8 handset some months from now.  My options are open and I like it that way.  I was unaware that paying full retail on a 4G phone would still allow me to keep unlimited data.  I thought a plan change to 4G would force me to a family plan, ie data caps. When I got that answer from the Verizon sales person it was all over for me. Wrap it up, I’ll take the white one.

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