The Surface Geeks Podcast Episode 3 Video Edition

The Surface Geeks Podcast is back and I finally have my hands on Surface!  I’ll be sharing my “waiting in line” experience and go over a few topics with my co-hosts for this episode.  Kyle Reddoch from and Ray Newbery from join me to talk about their experiences as well.  I ask a few questions about 32 vs 64 and whether or not I made a mistake by getting the 32.  I also ask these guys about “touch” keyboard vs. “type” keyboard.  I personally have used both since I got my Surface in a Microsoft store.  I’ll tell you what I think about both.  I leave you with a huge statement about the desktop in Windows 8 RT.  Listen in and tell me what you think in the forums. I would enjoy your feedback for future episodes.

It’s only episode 3 so I have a few bugs to work out but I think it’s a great start.  Hopefully you will enjoy the conversation and please join us in the forum to discuss all these talking points.

Look for the audio edition of this episode as well.

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