8-on-8: Toshiba Encore 8 Review (An 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet)

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7 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    It sounds nice. I have to mention though that I am writing this comment on my Miix 2, and other than the sound not being very good without headphones, I'm not experiencing any of the problems you mentioned. Mine works great, doesn't creak, and I haven't had any software or performance problems.

    • jwiskowski says:

      I hear that about many of the products I have tested. However I usually find support. Paul Thurrott had similiar issues (http://winsupersite.com/mobile-devices/lenovo-miix-2-review) and I went through two different units myself. I wanted to love my Miix 2, as the size and weight can't be beat. But for whatever reason, it was unstable. It can't be me, because my Encore 8 is perfect so far.

      Glad you are enjoying your Miix 2. I loved the size, weight and flip case! Hit up the forums and let us know more about your experiences.

  2. Bijan says:

    Hi, just would like to know, are you able to connect the Encore with a micro USB cable and the micro HDMI at the same time? I read somewhere that because the micro USB port and the micro HDMI port are close to each other, you can't connect both cables to the Encore at the same time. Cheers.

  3. Utz says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, in particular comparing the Encore to the Miix. Does the Encore also have the issue the Venue Pro has of not being able to charge while using external devices on the USB port?

  4. Utz says:

    I got my hands on an Encore in a store today. I had the impression that swiping / scrolling the start screen icons felt laggy. Laggy in the sense, that there was a delay before something happened, but when scrolling started it looked smooth.

    Is this also your impression? Or is this something that goes away when uninstalling the anti virus software on it or is there a setting to make the touch screen more reactive?

    Sadly the store did not have a Venue Pro or an Miix to compare to.

  5. 29whit says:

    Great to see someone else liking this tab, just got mine this week and I really like it.
    One question I have though is how did you manage to remove your recovery partition to a USB key. I have only a little amount of disk space left so getting rid of the recovery partition would really be great. Thanks

    • 29whit says:

      Well I answered the question for myself. When you backup the Recovery partition to a USB drive, via the Windows Create Recovery tool, it actually asks you if you want to delete the recovery partition, say yes and it’ll delete the files and add them to your C: drive.
      Easy but not obvious. Hope this helps someone.