Tweet It! takes on Rowi – A Windows Phone 8 App Review

Tweet It! takes on Rowi


“Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.”

Regular readers will remember how important podcasts are to me. Equally as important, is my Twitter timeline. I used to bookmark my favorite sites, and manually visit them throughout the day. Then I discovered RSS. Google Reader is my source for news, opinions, stories and discoveries. Then Twitter came into the world. I could keep up with more faster than ever. Rowi became my client of choice shortly after moving to the Windows Phone platform. When Tweet It! recently saw a major upgrade, I thought I would check it out. Is Rowi still the Big Bird?


I check Twitter first thing in the morning, every couple hours during the day, and catch up before bed. I need to always pick up right where I left off, because Twitter is my news feed… my life feed. I save 5-10 longer posts to Pocket to consume later when I have downtime. I do like to open links to site, pictures and videos right in the app to save time. I need a reliable client, offering the features I need.


Rowi – The Experience

Starting at the basics, Rowi allows you to read your timeline, mentions and direct messages. The all important username auto-completion feature is there. Another key for me is the ability to save to Readability, Instapaper or Pocket right from within the app. This is a necessity on the Windows Phone 8 platform, as there is no easy way to share data between apps. I also find the Internet Explorer browser is not as compatible as a desktop browser, or mobile Safari/Chrome. Re-tweets and Replys come easily with a tap or even quicker via a tap-and-hold. Rowi also allows the user to customize the app’s home screen with direct access to friend’s timelines and searches. By paying for the app, ads are removed and push notifications are enabled. Your live tile and toast notification can reflect new mentions and direct messages. I found it very reliable, and close to the timing as other Twitter clients on the various platforms.

Rowi offers every feature I want in a Twitter client. The number one being it always remembers my last read position. Every single time I launch the app, it presents my last read tweet and lets me scroll up for more. This happens with and without enabling TweetMarker. By enabling TweetMarker, it allows similar functionality across apps and platforms. i.e. I can pick up my Windows 8, iOS or Android tablet, launch a Twitter client supporting the service, and pick up were I left off. No feature means more to me. That above all keeps my happily using Rowi.

Tweet It! – The Experience

Tweet It! is a breath of fresh air thanks to the gorgeous animations, elegant UI and feature set. Inline image presentation saves one from tapping to see attached pictures, and YouTube video previews work great as well. Fresh ideas like Street Mode use your camera to create a live background for the app. You need to see it to believe it. Similarly, TweetIt! has a great compose window offering a quick way to add photos and location. It even changes the background of the window to reflect the image you’ve attached. Tap to hold offers Reply, Retweet, Quote and Favorite on the fly. A two-finger tap can be configured to quickly Retweet, Reply and more. Tapping a tweet offers a full conversation view, with Replys listed below. A quick menu bar appears that can be expanded. The expansion includes everything… literally! Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Quote, Save to Pocket, Bing! Translate and Sharing to NFC, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and copying to the clipboard. Whew, I am exhausted! As you can see, Tweet It! has everything. Or just about. I was bummed to see TweetMarker support is absent. I could never cover all TweetIt! offers, so download the trial version and see for yourself.


Rowi seems to be a solid pick for both novices and pro Twitter users. However, Rowi is in danger of never being available again to new users. They hit their limit of “tokens” for authorized users, and had to take down their Lite and Trial versions. (Read more here: Hopefully Twitter clients like Rowi can convince Twitter to change, or find new ways to bring their apps back. So, although I prefer Rowi and use it daily… I need to recommend another client to new users.

Tweet It! is a beautiful client, with most features users need. It also offers a great settings panel with a plethora of personalization options. Tweet It! seems to remember my last read position very well, and the only downfall for me is the lack of TweetMarker support. Inline image previews are a great standout. The multitude of features can be overwhelming. I recommend that new users start using the app, and let it grow with you over time. Tweet It! is fast and friendly to use. If you follow a ton of little birdies, give Tweet It! a try.

All applications were tested on an unlocked Nokia Lumia 925.

App: Rowi
Price: $2.99
Author: Hidden Pineapple, LLC

App: Tweet It!
Price: $0.99
Author: My Amazing Big Fork

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