Twitter Changes for Surface Geeks

I’ve been working on my 2015 goals for several weeks now and one of them was to get control of my Twitter accounts and Identity online.  That may sound funny because I consider myself to be @SurfaceGeeks.  Two and a half years ago however, I considered myself to be @homeservershow.  I keep creating new properties, HomeAutoMationForums.Com and SmartWearForums.Com, and now TheGeeksNetwork.Com.  Who am I now?

If I had my choice I would have merged @homeservershow and @SurfaceGeeks into one account but Twitter doesn’t let you do that.  They do let you change your twitter name though.  Once you do, the old one becomes instantly available in the pool of “whats left” in the Twitterverse.  I say that because obviously my name is no longer available.  In fact, throw a number behind it and it’s probably taken as well.  I stopped checking at 12.

I also have this problem with e-mail so I’m chunking one big stone at the issue and here is what I came up with.

Yep, that’s a real domain. It only has e-mail on it right now.  I may blog there someday, who knows.  I will use an e-mail address on that domain for my local life.  My G-Mail address today is absurdly difficult to pronounce let alone give to someone over the phone to sign my kid up for something.

The Twitter handle is: @mccabeio

And, unbeknownst to you, you are now following @mccabeio if you were following SurfaceGeeks.  My ego would love for you to follow both but I understand if you must choose only one.


Muh – kabe – dot – eye –  Oh

No doubt I’ll soon be known as:

Muh – kabe – eee – Oh

That’s Ok. It will be me.

@SurfaceGeeks will be used to announce posts, podcasts, and forums posts.  @mccabeio will be me.  I will probably Re-Tweet all of my accounts with @mccabeio in the beginning until I find my voice.  I apologize in advance for causing a disturbance in way you consume twitter.  If it’s Ok with you, please go follow @SurfaceGeeks right now.  That account is horribly lonely since I transitioned it.  Thanks, and see you on Twitter.

Thanks to @therealdarrencohen and @jwiskowski for guidance and friendship during my countless hours of bombarding them with new Twitter handles.


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