Twitter for Windows 8 and RT, Patch Tuesday, and more on Surface Geeks 17

We are up and down at the same time.  Google Reader is out the door and Twitter for Windows 8 is here!  I’ll update my Surface RT on the show so we’ll see how that goes.  I also install Twitter and give you some first impressions.  Darren @finsupdnc has some news and Patch Tuesday items for you as well.  This was another fun show and I hope you enjoy it! Check the video on

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Create a Send To in Windows 8



ADATA AE400 via  DashDrive Air AE400 Black 5000 mAh Wireless Storage Reader and Power Bank AAE400-CBKSV

Shop in the Microsoft Store here!

RT Update History

Patch Tuesday Flash Reversal

PC World Gaming on Surface Pro

Do the kids really like Windows Phone 8?

A new Surface Site for you.

18in Dell Tablet!!!!  Under 5lbs, good starting price, any use case?

Lync 2013 now available for Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone Central

Lumia 928 coming to Verizon

Rumors of Instagram and Temple Run coming in next few months, but is this made by Microsoft?

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2 Responses

  1. Listener says:

    Unbearable to listen to. Darren is the only one with something to say and even then there's not much content. Dave – quit talking about nothing and give us a reason to listen!!!

    • SGAdmin says:

      I think those exact thoughts on podcasts I listen to every once in a while. We can't dazzle everyone on every episode so listen to a few more and if you want to e-mail me please do so. We can discuss a little more. Thanks for listening in the first place. I enjoy constructive criticism and feedback.