Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

There is a lot to discuss on this episode of Surface Geeks as so much has happened in the past two weeks.  I’ve got Jim Collison and John Wiskowski on and we eventually get around to chatting about Windows 10 on Surface.  I promise! We do have a lot of fund chatting about Band, Windows Phone, Groove, and a lot on Surface. Yep, Surface Pro 4, Pro 3 and Surface 3. Tons to talk about!

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Happy Anniversary Surface Pro 3!

Surface Pro 3 Announced, Mini not invited on Surface Geeks 67

Microsoft Fitness, Microsoft Band, and a User Interface Designer

Band Golf

The new Surface Pro 3 as per Paul Thurrott


640XL AT&T Microsoft Store

640XL on Expansys

Build 10158 works on Surface 3

Wednesday News on Layoffs

Rise and Fall of Nokia in One Chart

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