Windows Phone 8 and Surface Pro Conversations

I’ve got a secret for you that can save you $25 off on your next visit to the Microsoft Store. We are talking tons of Windows Phone 8 tonight as well as Surface Pro, RT, and more.

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Create a Send To in Windows 8

A stylus mod for the Surface Pro

Modern Mix for Windows 8 allows you to run “Modern Apps” in a windowed environment 30 day trial

Like the song from the @surface Pro commercial? Download it for free here.

Best Buy offering $100 off all Windows 8 touchscreen devices (minus Surface) plus free cleaning kit.

Staples offering $100-$400 trade in for old devices when you buy a win8 machine.

Microsoft pushing Windodws 8 to smaller devices

Turn by Turn app CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 announced.

First Major brand to have WP first/Disqus app. Does it matter?
Nokia goes Here with Maps, Transit, Drive, etc.

Twitter Update for Windows Phone

Microsoft says Windows Phone had double digit market share in Mexico, Finland, Poland and UAE, passed Blackberry in 24 countries

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3 Responses

  1. Dewain says:

    You can't use the coupon on Surface Pro or RT, however you can use it on anything else like accessories and other machines.. I found someone with one of these cards and it was in the disclaimer.

    • SGAdmin says:

      Didn't we say that in the show? However, I somehow snuck by that limitation and was able to use it on a touch keyboard. Never hurts to try right? Thanks for listening. See you in the forums!